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Thank You For Being A Mean Mom

Dear Mom,

Thank you for being such a mean mom. For real. You were so mean. I hated it. Always nagging and yelling, “Pick up your shoes!” “Don’t just hang your coat on the back of the chair!  Put it away!” “Stop whining, it’s not that big of a deal!” “Stop talking and listen!” You couldn’t just pick it up for us or let us pretend like we were the center of the Universe. You chose the hard way, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Thank you for constantly holding me accountable, for making me put away my own laundry (even when that meant it might sit on the downstairs couch for a week or two). Thank you for insistanting I be polite and empathetic, and making sure that above all else that, “YOU TWO WILL GET ALONG GOD DAMN IT”! You were so mean in the eyes of an 8, 12, 17 year old girl, however, since I have taken on the roll of Mom, I now understand. 

You weren’t just being mean, to be mean. You were standing your ground in order to raise your children to be competent, confident, well rounded, and independent adults. You knew that life is hard and parenting is even harder and you risked your sanity, your sleep, and a nice clean house to ensure that, when the time came for your babies to be on their own, we would be ready. You spent years helping us experience real life so we didn’t drown when the time came to pay bills, or loose our jobs, or take care of our toddlers and work from home through a fucking pandemic. We all have you to thank, you and all your mean-ness, for why we are all able to handle our adult lives with such grace.

You didn’t cherry coat it, like we all wanted. You made us deal, be accountable, be positive, and contribute to the household. You wouldn’t put up with our whining over the little things, so we were able to gain perspective on our pea sized problems. If you’ve taught me anything, it is that I can walk through fires, and survive, even thrive! You have taught me that I am strong, and that I can do anything. All because you were a mean mom! I want you to know that I truly hope I can someday, be as mean as you <3.

I love you.

3 thoughts on “Thank You For Being A Mean Mom”

  1. Beautifully said! What a gift it is for our daughters to become mother’s and have a whole new perspective of what mother’s do for their children.. and why.. I look forward to watching my daughter, in just a few days, start her journey into motherhood! Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

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